Switching out a bath for a shower!


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This article was written by Phil Jennesy a writer from A1 Water.


Do your loved ones prefer a shower to bath? Perhaps you have an older relative who’s having difficulty climbing within the tub ledge or perhaps your bath tub is looking dingy or dated and you’re discovering options to make your bathrooms look fresh and modern. It doesn’t really matter what your reason is, taking away an existing bath tub to set up a walk-in bathtub can be considered a hefty re-modelling project.

Walk-in showers and showers without tubs are growing in attractiveness. Based on the North America Institute of Architects 2015 Home Tendencies Study, 65 percent of homeowners like and want stall showers without a tub, from 56 percent in 2014 which is a remarkable increase. Large walk-in showers, door less showers and upscale showers are trending also.

By remodelling your bathrooms to add a shower you’re making your home more attractive and potentially upping your ability to market, in the event you need to. Nevertheless, you want to carefully consider your final decision which means your home will be without a bathtub  — some realtors advise that you leave at least one tub in your house, even whether it’s not in the main bathroom. You need to factor in the utilization and enjoyment you’ll receive from the walk-in bathtub in the years you intend to spend at home when making the ultimate decision.

How Much Will a Tub to Bathtub Remodel Cost?

The first step to starting any bathroom remodel task is to choose whether you want to handle the task yourself or retain the services of a builder to do the task. That can rely upon your knowledge of plumbing updates as well as your budget. Spending money on labour can get expensive, but taking the incorrect steps and destroying your plumbing is definitely an expensive mistake in the long run.

The cost for your remodeling project also is determined by the quality of materials you want to use. For example, a straightforward drop-in shower stall can be installed as a do-it-yourself project if you are confident in your skills; it might cost around £400. If you opt to have a specialist do the unit installation it’ll ask you an extra £300 to £400 for labour.

But many people who embark on a bathtub-to-shower remodel want a bit more luxury when compared to a drop-in bathtub stall provides. Below are a few of the areas that can truly add cost.

General Cost of Labour

Depending on where you live and which contractor conducts your work the cost of your project may vary. If you are in birmingham for example the labour costs will be more expensive than if you live a less populated areas such as in the northern parts of the country.

Changing out the pipes

If your property is older, the pipes might be outdated. The cost to displace them with copper or PEX may differ depending how much must be changed out. Your plumber will probably charge you from £45 to £150 each hour; get an estimation to make sure the length of time so you can estimate it.


Tiling a bathtub with ceramic tiles can cost $1.30 per rectangular feet, but specialty tiles can run up to $20 per square foot. It all depends on the quality of tiling which you want to install in your toilet.

Shower Door

A typical sliding wine glass door costs between £100 to £300 plus unit installation. You might choose options that are more costly such as goblet that is textured or tinted, or a door that comes outward alternatively than slides.


Your luxury shower experience might be increased with special fixtures, such as shower heads that imitate rainfall or that are height variable. The higher-end fittings can run a couple of hundred dollars.

In short building a shower certainly has it’s upsides, it’s a fairly inexpensive remodel depending on how you choose to go about it and it may add some value to your home.


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